Learn About Senior Assisted Living San Diego CA

What You Need to Know About the Best Assisted Living Facilities In San Diego

Believe it or not, making the move to assisted living does not have to be a radical change for you or your loved one. Nowadays many facilities are working to provide a safe, stress-free and independent space for seniors to live. With 24-hour nursing care, medical support, and plenty of amenities, your friend or family member can get all the support they need while still maintaining an active and fun lifestyle. In the San Diego area there are many assisted living options to choose from, and the following are some things to consider when making your choice.

Knowing When It’s Time

Unlike certain milestones such as retirement age or social security eligibility, there are no hard and fast rules for deciding when it’s time to move into assisted living. The best you and your loved one can do is assess the current situation and compare their current quality of life against the possible benefits of assisted living.

One thing you must ask yourself is how does your family member look? The next time you go over to their house for a visit, take some mental notes on their appearance and behavior. Besides the obvious, such as bathing, personal hygiene, and proper dress, you can look for physical signs. Does it appear that they see clearly or are they bumping into things? Do they appear dehydrated (cracked skin, chapped lips, visible and long-lasting bruises)? Take stock of their pantry and refrigerator. Are they buying food regularly, and throwing away food that has gone bad? Finally, are they taking their medication? You can make a note of how many pills they have left in one prescription and then check to see how many have been taken the next time you visit. Are their prescriptions being refilled on time?

After you’ve gathered all the necessary information, you can make an educated decision as to whether or not it’s time to discuss the possibility of assisted living with your loved one.

Staying Independent

Levels of independence typically differ from facility to facility.

For example, most San Diego assisted living facilities allow unlimited visiting hours for family and friends. However, some facilities might have different restrictions on meal times and availability. You will find that almost every facility will provide transportation to and from medical appointments, but some will also schedule offsite activities such as shopping excursions or performances. Discuss with your loved one the amount of independence they desire and search for assisted living facilities that offer these amenities.

Additionally, many facilities in San Diego have graduated living programs. This means that a tenant will be placed on the level they are best suited to based on their specific needs and limitations. These graduated programs have different levels of independence based on safety concerns and staff limitations. In San Diego there are many such facilities that offer stepped plans to keep your loved one in a perfect balance between independent and safe.

Enjoying The Golden Years

The best part of assisted living in San Diego has got to be the amenities.

Kicking back and relaxing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a pretty amazing way to spend your golden years. Many assisted living facilities in San Diego offer daily activities to keep seniors active and entertained.

For the musically inclined, many San Diego assisted living locations offer choirs, band practice, and even performing opportunities. Additionally there could be dances and other formal social activities.

For the senior athlete there are often volleyball courts, bicycle routes, and jogging paths available for those who want them. If your loved one is searching for something a little less high octane, many San Diego assisted living programs offer classes such as yoga, tai chi, and ballroom dance.

Of course social activities abound, from picnics in scenic San Diego locations, to art classes and trades, to movie showings and, of course, bingo. Your loved one is sure to make new friends and new memories while remaining comfortable, safe, and independent.

Affording Assisted Living

Assisted living in San Diego has never been more affordable. The national average for assisted living is approximately $3,500 per month, which is the same as the average cost in California. In San Diego you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 per month for assisted living. As with regular housing in San Diego, the price varies based on location, size, and amenities. The good news is most San Diego assisted living facilities do not require lengthy leases, unlike apartments or rental homes. Instead you pay month-to-month and your loved one is free to relocate as they wish.

How To Start the Conversation

Talking to a loved one about a possible move to assisted living can be difficult. You don’t want to pressure them or make them feel like you’re trying to control their choices. The best way to approach the subject is to begin the dialogue when the possibility is still a long ways away. Begin by asking them if they’ve ever thought about assisted living for their future. Be sure to ask if they’ve considered other plans as well, such as in-home care or moving in with a friend or relative. This allows them to retain control of the situation as they are free to discuss their plans for their own life.

If you feel like the time for a move has come and you have not yet discussed your loved ones plans with them, you can keep them at ease by bringing up the subject gradually. Perhaps you point out an assisted facility to them while driving and then ask them what they think. If any of their friends or family members have already relocated to a San Diego facility, then that can be a talking point as well. Once the topic has come up, make sure you focus on what they want out of their lives. Is remaining active a priority? Do they want to keep close to relatives? Sit down and make a list of priorities so everyone is on the same page.

Overall, make sure you listen to your loved ones’ wishes and remember that you are helping them make a decision, not making a decision for them.

Making the move from complete independence to assisted living doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. With some prior research, a firm plan, and the support of family, your loved one can move on to the next phase in their life with total confidence and even a renewed sense of freedom.